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Friday October 10, 2014

Whether you are a procurement professional for a top retailer, a general contractor embarking on a hotel project, or a senior living purchasing agent, it’s critical to look at local installation crews. The cost savings and knowledge level of local crews are paramount for a successful project.

When speaking with some of the largest enterprises in the world, I find the people who are responsible for the project are often hesitant to use “crew out of a warehouse.” But what exactly are the negative connotations of an installation crew out of a warehouse? And what’s the alternative choice? Fly in a crew from another city? Use your own employees? Hire laid-off former CEOs? The choices are few.

Across the board, Planes Specialized Logistics rejects the type of crew members that may have garnered warehouse crews a bad name. We only use polite, experienced, customer-service minded professionals for our crews, and distinguished logistics experts to manage those crews.

Many of our installation crews have more construction site experience than warehouse experience. Our crews often work around the elderly and children, at senior living centers and major metropolitan school systems, for example. Our crews are always uniformed, and are given mentor-style training to be polite and respectful in any situation.

As you may know, Planes started as a household goods mover. The attitude and behavior one needs when entering someone’s home is the attitude and behavior we expect from our crews on every project.

All of the above would be impressive in just one local metropolitan area, but Planes Specialized Logistics has achieved that level of service globally. From our Project Managers to our drivers, from our installers to our move labor, we respect the opportunity we are given with every client and look to impress on every level.