Planes Specialized Logistics Blog


Friday June 20, 2014

You’ve probably noticed a few changes around here lately.

We’ve worked hard over the past few months to create an online environment as unique and state-of-the-art as our company. This site launch is a part of a larger effort to rebrand Planes Specialized Logistics. It represents our revitalized approach to communicating the future of logistics. We even have a new logo – all Planes divisions will be getting their own variation of this new logo soon. 

The goal of the rebranding initiative was to elevate the Planes Specialized Logistics brand beyond the world of transportation and logistics. As our own CEO John Planes puts it: “As our business and industry evolves, we continue to respond with our own evolution to ensure we meet the needs of our customers.” 

We reviewed a lot of the websites of our competition to see what they were missing and what we could improve upon for our own website. We noticed almost immediately that every website we reviewed in the logistics space featured planes, trucks, trains and ships – it’s assumed that those services are part of what we do. So we decided to tell a story about what sets us apart: our specialized handling abilities, our advanced equipment, our high-touch solutions, and most importantly, our employees.

We brought in some design and strategy partners (Openfield Creative, The Paulson Collective) to help create a strong strategic plan integrating marketing, interactive technology and analytics. Then we internally interviewed our entire logistics team, from logistics coordinators and on-site project managers to our account team, in order to find out what really makes Planes Specialized Logistics, well, specialized.

Turns out, it’s our employees! We found that every single Planes Specialized Logistics employee we talked to was extremely passionate about what they do for their customers. We let that passion fuel our creative direction, and the result is what you see now.   

We hope you like our new site as much as we do.