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Tuesday September 9, 2014

When moving high-end exhibits, precious historical artifacts and expensive art pieces, two factors stand alone in importance: temperature and relative humidity levels! Not having these controlled can cause as much damage over time as any single event. Many priceless pieces must have precise controls in place during transportation to ensure the artifacts don’t suffer damage in transit.               

When relative humidity and temperature fluctuates, it can cause significant stress on artifacts. To make things worse, relative humidity and temperature have different effects on different surfaces. For example, wood is affected differently than oil paintings.

 Museums and exhibit companies must ensure standards are established, monitored and maintained during transportation. One cannot just move the exhibit in a refrigerated truck or ‘dry van.’ The use of specialized climate regulation equipment is a must, and there have been many advances in transportation equipment to accomplish just that.

 Planes Specialized Logistics is well-equipped with temperature- and humidity-controlled vans and highly- trained personnel to ensure specific climate standards are maintained throughout transit. Additionally, companies such as Provenance make excellent monitoring equipment for inside trailers, containers and crates. The equipment allows insurance companies and owners to receive readings in real-time which can be monitored anywhere in the world.

 Temperature and humidity can cause items to deteriorate over time, leading to costly repairs or even irreparable damage. This makes quite a case to ensure all avenues are pursued to protect great treasures and precious cargo.