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Wednesday August 20, 2014

A daunting task for any hotelier is a capital renovation. With the ever-changing brand standards of the varied flags that fly over hotels these days, one can get lost in the details. From an endless list of approved manufacturers to the selection of a general contractor, renovating a hotel can be a head-spinning experience.

Gone are the days where a hotel renovation could have every product, case good, roll of carpet, or vinyl wall covering roll shipped to a warehouse for storage. After the downturn of the market in 2008, hotel renovation projects require lean operations. While it is true that many cost-savings can be found by sourcing product in Asia, with everything else on the hotelier’s renovation task list, how feasible is Asia sourcing?

Planes Specialized Logistics has taken a hard look at the entire hotel renovation and construction process and strategically placed itself to help all parties involved. With our equity partners in Asia, we can help the purchasing company work with the manufacturing companies to organize the shipments properly in order to arrive Just-In-Time (JIT) to the project site. This fundamentally helps reduce the storage and handling fees in warehouses near the project. We then position our labor to be ready on-site to receive the shipments and place the product as directed by the general contractor or by the project schedule. Finally, our network of installation crews expertly install the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) and case goods as dictated by the project drawings and schedule.

In speaking with general contractors, hotel owners, entertainment firms, and purchasing agents, I hear that a ‘start-to-finish’ service provider is wildly underserved in the hospitality market.

That’s our true competitive advantage: our professional onsite project managers and our project coordinators. Their detailed daily reporting and outstanding plan oversight leaves no questions in the minds of our customers as to the status of a project. We report shipment damages, installation progress, potential upcoming challenges, and out-of-scope requests from the start of a renovation to the final fitting. This process truly sets Planes Specialized Logistics a notch above the rest.