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The Full Monty – Creating Value in Hotel Renovations

Monday August 10, 2015

Many hospitality executives often press to discover the true value of our core competencies. “Why does ‘so-and-so’ work with you?” “Where do you provide the biggest return?” “What service makes you an industry leader?” The underlying answer is a simple one: people work with us because we are willing to do the hard part of the logistics planning.

The end-to-end service in the hospitality space includes manufacturer coordination, inbound logistic management and brokerage, final mile warehouse services, local delivery into challenging areas, and sometimes even labor to install the FF&E into the newly-renovated space.

From the cut of the purchase order for the project, we help manage your manufacturers to a ready-to-ship date and hold them accountable. As I am sure you are aware, this is not an easy task. Some of our clients will say they work with us because our team of coordinators take the administrative burden off of their purchasing department!

Once the manufacturer is ready to ship, we send a truck (one of ours or a network partner) to pick the product up from their dock. We hold the accountability so you only have one person to blame if something is late.

We then receive and inspect the product when it gets to our warehouse. Since we are doing the inbound transportation, we are the only person to blame if something is damaged. If there is an issue, we will own it.

Then we upload the inventory to our proprietary web-based software so you can access reporting at any time of the day. If you don’t have time to check on your inventory, don’t worry – we’ll send a lifecycle report once a week so you are on top of your project.

Finally, we load the deliveries per your construction schedule. I repeat, per YOUR construction schedule. We understand a construction site is fluid and requires flexibility from all partners. Since your product is in our warehouse, we deliver when your contractors need it. Not when it’s convenient for us.

I don’t want to oversimplify it, but the above process is how we create value. There is a dollar value that can be proven in savings, however there is also an intrinsic return your firm will realize when you hand the logistics reigns over to Planes Specialized Logistics.