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Project Management & Coordination

Wednesday October 1, 2014

I usually don’t like to give away the farm, however our true competitive advantage in the global marketplace lies with our Project Managers and our Coordinators. The work these dedicated people do on a daily basis would make the average person’s head spin!! Below I am going to highlight a few things that really set our system apart from our competition.


-          The group of Planes Specialized Logistics coordinators is second to none. They are driven by an automated work flow that allows them to efficiently keep track of multiple concurrent projects while having the ability to lean on others when the work load is higher than usual. Their intricate knowledge of both Planes Specialized Logistics and the Logistics industry as a whole makes the coordinators vital to the success of our firm.

Project Managers

-          Our dedicated PM’s are on site for every major project. While to many this seems like a cost add, the value they present on a jobsite is instrumental to the success of each project.  From maintaining brand standards, to managing the load crew, our PM’s make sure your project is done to your specifications 100% of the time.

Since Planes Companies has been in business 93+ years, we understand the importance of doing every project to the best of our abilities every time. That is the moral structure at Planes Specialized Logistics and that is the culture of our Coordinators and our Project Managers.  Outside problems will arise on every project like permitting, slow vendors, bad manufacturing, but the mark of a phenomenal partner is one who is honest and will work to help you overcome those challenges.