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Wednesday August 6, 2014

You have a museum or science center exhibit that needs to be transported. But this isn’t your normal type of exhibit – this one has a value of $50 million, and that’s not even accounting for any invaluable, historically significant or irreplaceable artifacts! Now what?

As with any exhibit move, the first step is to find a transportation provider with the experience and knowledge to handle the transport and assembly of the display. You’re looking for a logistics partner who can ensure the exhibit is quickly moved and properly assembled for a reasonable budget within the guidelines of the scope document. In sum, you just want it all to run smoothly.

You’ve thought of everything. The move is underway and it’s going according to plan. Then the unthinkable happens: thieves, who knew about the move ahead of time, strike during the transportation. This is serious business. It does happen. More often than you might think.

Just a couple of months ago, thieves stole some of Napoleon Bonaparte’s items from an Australian museum. If they were willing to do this with museum security and guards present, do you think they have any problems hijacking a truck? Probably not!

When moving highly-valuable exhibits, personal art collections or irreplaceable museum artifacts like ancient remains or items of historical importance, be aware that armed security is available. Planes Specialized Logistics offers this service to our clients. In addition to climate-controlled transportation, high value delivery, white glove services and on-site project management, armed security is another way Planes can ensure the safe arrival of your priceless items. We can simplify your supply chain and offer total peace of mind in the process.

It’s better to think this through up front versus after the fact. Once thieves strike, it’s quite difficult to retrieve the items. The theft of precious cargo can mean more than lost monetary value – it can mean the loss of historically significant, inimitable goods, and no one wants that on their shoulders.