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Tuesday September 23, 2014

I speak to customers every day, and when it comes to the question of professional FF&E installation, the opinions are vast and widely based on past experiences with installers. From a senior living firm with 500+ facilities to a general contractor with 10 projects a year, the question they often ask is, “why should I pay more for professional installation of my furniture?”

 Allow me to share my experience on the matter. If you are only looking for someone to move case goods, furniture, and pre-assembled units from a dock to another general location, you probably don’t need to use professional installers. That being said, if any adherence is required to brand standards or specific drawing room layouts, or if the items being installed are high in value or irreplaceable, it would behoove you to use professional installers. Move labor will not generally assemble any furniture due to liability constraints. There are several firms around the country who do professional installation, and most of the best come from our network of equity partners.

 Here are a few things to think about when vetting an installation firm:

 Are all crews background-checked?

  1. What is the installer’s insurance liability with your product?
  2. Has this specific crew successfully completed several projects similar to your own?
  3. Who pays for the travel expenses if required?
  4. Does the company have a project manager to make sure the work is completed on time and under budget?

I find that it’s extremely easy to acquire movers, but great installers are tough to come by these days. The truly first-rate installation crews have immense construction experience and feel comfortable on a job site. Some of my crews work well on sites such as senior living facilities where personality is paramount, because they will be interacting with the residents. Other crews are more comfortable working the swing shift in a high-rise hotel. 

 Fundamentally, it comes down to the project’s scope and environment when selecting the right install crew. Planes Specialized Logistics has installation crews of varying experience and price out of more than 750 facilities around the globe. We are happy to help you through the selection process or do it for you! 


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