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How Do Retailers Gear Up for the First Quarter Following the Busiest – and Most Exhausting – Time of the Year?

Tuesday January 20, 2015

2014 is over and the first quarter of 2015 has officially begun. Now what?

First, congratulations in finishing the holiday season! Many of our clients were running at a thousand miles a minute and now are collectively taking a breath. In doing so, I suspect 2015 capital plans move to the top of most to-do lists.

We are receiving forecasting and RFP’s from many of the top retailers globally. Part of that is attributed to our global network but most of that is attributed to our single point of contact process. The capital growth in the retail market could prove to be substantial in 2015, and we see that as a great sign for the economy. While the consumer spending metrics are not yet back, we find that our clients are adjusting and modifying their models to make new store openings, store refresh projects and rollouts a priority ROI activity.

In that vein, Planes Specialized Logistics helps retailers in four key areas:

1. New Stores

Our process begins at the planning phase. We help manage your vendors to a ready-to-ship date and pick up the construction materials, fixtures, flooring, lighting, and millwork according to the schedule. We then deliver the product to a nearby final mile center for local delivery per the general contractor’s call. On fixture day, we have trained local labor on site to assemble and install to your brand standards.

2. Rollouts

Planes Specialized Logistics participates in national and international rollouts on a frequent basis. Because of our vast global network, we can save our clients time and money simply because we’re able to get the fixtures close to the store location for delivery. We pick up the product from the manufacturer and deliver to our final mile center or direct-to-site, with local labor standing by ready to install.

3. Remodel and Refresh Projects

While on paper these types of projects operate much like a new store opening, there is a great deal of reverse logistics or destruction of fixtures involved. Many of our clients require that their brand specific items be destroyed and want to be provided a ticket of destruction. Planes Specialized Logistics is equipped to handle many of these challenges.

4. Asset Redeployment and Store Transfers

Being that Planes Specialized Logistics has local assets in every major market, our model proves to be extremely efficient when a store transfer or an asset redeployment project comes up. We have a proprietary Asset Management process that connects customer purchase order information with logistics technology to provide best-in-class supply chain visibility, and our teams at either end of the project are skilled and trained in the process so your project goes off without a hitch.  

It’s the first quarter and a New Year – the perfect time to ‘take a breath’ and reexamine past processes. Issues with the previous fourth quarter can be looked at with fresh eyes. And with the right partners, new ideas and different ways to achieve success for the above projects can be discovered.

We at Planes Specialized Logistics pride ourselves at being open to new options while having the flexibility in our network to achieve success as a valued partner.

Let’s tackle the first quarter together. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you in person!