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Thursday August 14, 2014

When traveling overseas, without proper preparation before you go can make your trip a living nightmare. Here are just a few of my tips for project managers, or really anyone, traveling overseas:

Exchange Your Cash

Make sure when you arrive in the destination country to exchange your money for the local currency. Most of the world has their own currency and exchanging your money before doing anything else make everything much smoother during your visit.

Know Your Hotel Name in the Local Language

Make sure someone from that country (hopefully in your network) writes the name of your hotel in the local language. When catching a cab, that will make your life much easier and could save you in a bind!

Know Local Routes

Be aware of any and all transportation routes to and from your hotel, airport and project destination. A wrong stop on the train could cost you hours of frustration. I remember a story told to me by a colleague when he was in Europe a few years ago. He did not exit the train on his scheduled stop and ended up going 2 hours in the wrong direction before he could turn back around! Imagine if he was headed to the project and what difficulties that could have cost him and his company. 

In sum, the better prepared you are, the better your company and customer will be.