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Global Retail: Opening Stores in Foreign Countries

Thursday March 3, 2016

U.S.-based retailers have long realized that relying on domestic growth will not yield shareholder return to the level that meets the street’s expectations.

That said, I watch many prominent retailers grasp at straws when they open stores in foreign countries. Highly sophisticated procurement teams in some of the world’s most recognizable brands rely on Planes Specialized Logistics to help get their store construction materials into market and into their foreign store.

Planes Specialized Logistics helps with:

  • Domestic consolidation and containerization
  • Commercial invoice templates
  • Defining Incoterms (Terms of Sale)
  • Ocean shipping container procurement
  • Customs clearance
  • In-country drayage
  • Local warehousing in country
  • Specialized delivery to the store with inside placement and debris removal


How Does This Save You Time and Money?

Even some of the largest retailers globally rely on Planes Specialized Logistics to complete these tasks because it’s cost effective for them to do so. Some of the tasks above take significant hours and certain certifications to master; Planes has professional, trained specialists ready to assist you with every step of the process. Not to mention, Planes Specialized Logistics’ buying power in the market is significant and can leverage savings back to you – the client.

Retailers expanding globally prefer working with a provider who owns the entire process. In fact, Planes has assisted in the opening of over 1,500 retail locations in 20 countries around the world. From helping to manage vendors and deliveries to simplifying your supply chain and keeping your store openings and rollouts on schedule, Planes Specialized Logistics delivers.

From inside pickup and delivery, to dock-to-dock service, to multiple delivery locations across the globe, Planes’ network of transportation professionals will get you there.

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