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Finger Pointing During New Store, Store Remodel, or Rollout Projects

Tuesday April 7, 2015

In elementary school, teachers always told the class: “When you point a finger at someone there are four fingers pointing back at you.”

Picture this scenario:

Fixtures sourced in China are delivered to a new store project in the U.S. Three days before they are to be installed in the store, the general contractor calls you and says the transportation company damaged the fixtures when bringing them in from China. You call the transportation company and they claim the general contractor received the fixtures and accepted the fixtures as they were delivered.

Your options are limited:

  1. Either you delay the project to figure out who is responsible.


  1. You put new fixtures on a plane from China and pay an incredible amount of money to make sure the project stays on schedule.

Most retailers opt for #2.

But here’s the real solution: Accountability.

Planes Specialized Logistics has the answer for this universal dilemma that faces all retailers on a weekly basis. We provide accountability across all levels of the supply chain. Many retailers ask us to handle the inbound transportation from China through temporary storage to final mile delivery and finally to complete the fixture installation, meaning for retailers – there is ‘One Throat to Choke.’ Most retailers prefer to work with a partner who stands up and owns damages (even if they are a rarity).

Some of our quality assurance programs include the following:

  • Our local warehousing inspects the construction material to keep your lighting, flooring, millwork, and fixture vendors accountable. We inspect on an item level and check off against your Master PO. This allows us to raise the flag on manufacturer’s defects earlier to avoid costly expedited shipments. Pictures are taken for any abnormalities and are sent to you for next actions.
  • Local padded van delivery virtually eliminates final mile damages. Many retailers ask us to house and deliver all of their construction materials on our padded van fleet. Blanket pads and straps are used to ensure your product is delivered in perfect condition.
  • Chain of custody delivery tickets with dual signatures are standard on all deliveries. We ask the general contractor to inspect the items and sign for them per delivery. If there are any ‘finger pointing’ opportunities, our documentation allows for an easy determination of the responsible party.

There are many other ways we hold both ourselves and your vendors accountable for your projects. Unfortunately, I cannot share them all online… So give us a call or send us a note and I’ll be happy to schedule some time to tell you more!