Planes Specialized Logistics Blog


Tuesday July 15, 2014

I often hear logistics providers trumpeting their value and expertise. But to a certain degree the barrier to entry in this industry is fairly simple – especially if you are non-asset based. So it really makes sense to vet the providers you are looking at prior to making a decision on who you’re going to entrust to be your logistics provider. Look at the actual years the company has been in business. Look at the company’s infrastructure. Are these the type of the people you want to handle your company’s logistics operations?

In this blog I’m specifically targeting the retail sector. It goes without saying that a competent logistics provider will pick up all the items needed for the store location on time. If that’s not happening, the logistics provider is simply not doing their job.

It’s the additional support that makes all the difference. Planes Specialized Logistics has been in business for more than 90 years. Our logistics consultants approach each project with a refreshed and unique outlook to ensure we are bringing you cost-effective, timely, real-world solutions that will make a difference for you and your customers. We don’t just drive trucks and install fixtures and furniture, we specialize in creating customized plans designed to suit your company’s specific distribution needs.

Our distinctive areas of expertise include:

  • Global warehousing capabilities
  • Asset based
  • Product inspection process upon delivery
  • Asset tracking/tracing in real time
  • Asset management system to provide pictures/specifications for both client and contractor to view
  • Proper equipment: 24’ and 53’ trucks lift gates, load bars, straps, temperature and humidity controlled units
  • Central project management- available 24/7/365
  • Final mile and white glove services

A true asset based logistics company offers flexibility, reduced damaged and lost items and accountability standards that ensure a project is completed on time and on budget. After all, if a retail store doesn’t open on time that means lost revenue and an unhappy customer. So be careful and make sure you do your homework up front.

Learn more about Planes Specialized Logistics’ retail logistics process in this case study on the international expansion of a leading retailer with more than 300 locations in the U.S