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Tuesday September 16, 2014

Of all the places around the world to work, China is in a category all by itself. While it is still a communist country, it felt as if I was in any other Asian capitalistic country, with a few exceptions, of course.

 First and foremost, be careful drinking the water. On my initial visit there earlier this year, my hotel (a major US chain) had a picture by the bathroom sink of a faucet with a slash through the middle of it. If a hotel chain advertises this, you’d better pay attention! One of your first tasks when arriving in China should be to pick up enough bottles of water to keep you hydrated during your visit. 

 Second, if you’re not a courageous eater, make sure to bring food with you, depending on the length of your visit. I’m an adventurous person when it comes to eating in foreign countries – I’ll try anything at least once. If you prefer not to expand or test the limits of your palette, make sure to take snacks like meal replacement bars, nuts and other protein-rich food.

 It helps when you work for a company like Planes Specialized Logistics, which is a part of global network of specialized agents that have feet on the ground in countries like China. It’s a major advantage over other companies that are not asset-based, for both project managers like myself and the customers I help. Those local contacts can help make your stay much more enjoyable and your customer’s project go smoothly, even if it’s on the other side of the world. 

 Questions you should ask if your company has an international project: Who are you using for your logistics provider outside of the US – and are they asset-based? 

 Contact Planes Specialized Logistics if you’re looking for an experienced partner with a long history of successful international projects. Our customers have come to expect a level of global service few others in the industry can match.